Suzuki guitar lessons

The Suzuki Method was conceived in the mid-20th century by violinist Shinichi Suzuki when he realized the implications of the fact that children all over the world learn to speak their native language with ease. Suzuki believed that every child, if properly taught, was capable of a high level of musical achievement. He also made it clear that the goal of such musical education was to raise generations of children with "noble hearts."

In addition to instilling a love of music, the Suzuki approach puts emphasis on the development of the child’s character. Suzuki students develop concentration skills, discipline, social skills, sensitivity, and self confidence. These experiences also transfer into many other areas of the child's life.

"The main concern for parents should be to bring up their children as noble human beings. That is sufficient. If this is not their greatest hope, in the end the child may take a road contrary to their expectations. Children can play very well. We must try to make them splendid in mind and heart also."
Shinichi Suzuki

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Skype Lessons

Skype lessons are a great way to receive top-notch music education from anywhere on the planet. Whether you are across the country or across the globe, as long as you have a functioning internet connection and a webcam great guitar lessons can be yours!

This is a live lesson of either 30 or 60 minutes. We can cover any topic: technique, learning pieces, how to read music, or developing music theory skills.

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Video Exchange Lessons

Perfect for someone looking for specific advice on something that has been giving them trouble. You make a video of a piece you've been working on or of you playing along with a short description of what you want to improve and I'll send you a video back with advice and exercises to help you move forward! A great option for students on a budget.


  • 1 video - $15 US

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